Managing Directory Listings Can Create Trouble

28. February 2011
During an interview with local Internet marketing pro Mike Blumenthal, he said something that surprised me. The more I talk with Mike the more I get surprised but that has always been a good thing and this was no exception! What he said was that SMB’s should only update and maintain as many... [More]

BIA/Kelsey Adds Social Local Media Practice

24. February 2011
We are excited to see that a group that we work very closely with, BIA/Kelsey, has launched a Social Local Media practice as part of the firm’s commitment to giving the SMB market the best opportunity possible for digital success. The press release outlines what this group will be lookin... [More]

UBL Rates High In Key Report: Citation Sources Prioritized

9. February 2011
UBL citation priority [More]