UniversalBusinessListing.Org and MobileGates Agree to Extend Business Profile Distribution on Mobile Devices

16. May 2010

UBL to Bring Microformat Standards to Coupons

Charlotte, NC, April 4, 2008 

Companies using the UniversalBusinessListing.Org service will soon have access to a stronger presence on mobile devices as a result of an agreement reached with MobileGates. 

MobileGates will use Universal Business Listings in its information services and offer ways for UBL users to easily expand their mobile presence with coupons and other promotions. 

UBL will introduce Microformatting such as hCard and hListing to MobileGates’ offerings as part of its mission to increase standardization and ease of discovery in search environments. 

MobileGates will utilize Microformat along with its proprietary MG-Syllabus Transcoder that formats coupons and websites for multiple types of phones and handheld devices. Syllabus recognizes each device specifications and automatically provides the best optimized user experience. 

“Small- and medium-sized businesses are just coming to grips with the need for accurate listings in online local search, and now they are bombarded with confusing messages about what to do for mobile,” said UBL President, Chris Travers. “They need guidance and solutions fast.” 

“MobileGates has a deep knowledge of this increasingly important mobile local search sector,” said Travers. “They will help businesses get more value from their Universal Business Listing by extending its reach to these devices.” 

"MobileGates sees UBL as a good foundation for a local business presence online, but our technology and services can offer more distribution and clear marketing ROI on mobile,” said Tony Meador, CEO and Founder. “We have on-deck alliances with mobile carriers and device makers that can fast-track even a small business onto the mobile information highway.” 

About UniversalBusinessListing.Org

UBL is the industry initiative that allows businesses to enter their listing data in one place for a small fee and for that data to be distributed to all major US online Yellow Pages, search engines, industry directories and 411 directory assistance. Media inquiries can be directed to Doyal Bryant and Chris Travers. Contact: contact@ubl.org Phone 1-408-413-3828 

About MobileGates

MobileGates pioneered the first carrier-grade suite of interoperable location based applications that provide maps, directions, multimedia images, purchasing and live services such as Alltel Local (Restaurant Finder, Wifi Finder, etc.), Verizon StoreFinder (VZW stores locations, hours and click-to-call) and FuelFinder (fuel pricing), Sprint Traffic (reports and alerts) and Movietickets.com Mobile (listings, movie posters and movie ticketing). MobileGates CouponSent™ is a leading coupon and offer solution that includes creation, marketing, delivery, redemption and tracking. The company's mobile applications are currently available through Verizon Wireless, Sprint-Nextel, Alltel and other carriers. For more information please visit www.mobilegates.com. 

Release Date: 2008-04-04