Village Profile® and Digital Partner Now Offer Chambers a Business Listing Service to Broadcast their Members’ Profiles over Hundreds of Online Search Engines, Mobile, Social Media, 411 and GPS Directories

20. July 2011

(Elgin, IL – July 19, 2011) – Village, Inc.®, the national leader in Chamber of Commerce publishing, announced today it will exclusively offer Universal Business Listing’s services to Chambers of Commerce nationwide.  

Chamber of Commerce businesses will now be able to “Get on the Map” with UBL’s innovative, one-stop business listing service, that saves hours of manual labor managing their profiles on all of the search sites consumers are using to find information. This boosts search ranking and online visibility, to better serve local businesses that are members of Chambers of Commerce.

This collaboration allows Village Profile® to introduce Chamber members that participate in this program a free online WebC

ard so that users can modify information and see how their master profile will appear across the web. then provides Chamber members a list-once service to distribute a certified master profile of their business to all major data channels and over 350 digital portals including Internet, mobile, social media and GPS in-car search.

Participating Village Profile® publication advertisers and the entire Chamber membership will have the opportunity to purchase a Business Listing Package customized to meet their business’ online, mobile and social network marketing objectives.'

President and CEO of Village Profile®, Dan Nugara, said, “UBL represents a large opportunity for Chambers of Commerce and their membership to advance their Chamber agenda with the latest trends in Digital Search and SEO Marketing. It gives member businesses more immediate return on their investment (R.O.I.) with higher search ranking and online visibility, plus the dynamics of the Village Profile® Convergence Publishing Program® provides a win-win for Chambers.”

The UBL program will provide the Chamber of Commerce with a new source of non-dues revenue. Each time a Chamber member purchases a UBL package, a 20% revenue share will be provided back to the Chamber of Commerce, bringing added value to Membership Renewal and providing additional value to Chamber member businesses to ensure they renew their membership each year. UBL offers annual packages to help keep Chamber members signing up each year with the Chamber of Commerce.

UBL CEO Doyal Bryant said, “The Local Search space is hot right now, especially with the growth of mobile and social connections to businesses, so it is an important way to connect with customers. With UBL and Village Profile®, the Chamber can establish itself as a trusted partner for all of its members’ online and print media needs.”

About Village Profile®

Village Profile® introduced its exclusive multimedia platform Convergence Publishing Program® to the Chamber industry launching traditional print into the digital world with online publication websites in 1995, free eBook downloads, mobile and Smartphone App business directories. Village Profile® has invested this level of time and resources not only to foster growth in Chamber communications and marketing, but also to help set the pace for a thriving business environment and let Chambers offer exclusive benefits and more advertising value to their members that no other publisher can provide.

Village Profile®, headquartered in Elgin, IL, is an exclusive Chairman’s Circle Platinum sponsor of the Western Association of Chamber Executives (W.A.C.E.), a proud member and sponsor of the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) national Chamber association and a member of more than 600 local Chambers it currently partners with throughout the U.S. To learn more about our NO-COST, ROYALTY-GENERATING, publishing and exclusive Partners Digital Programs contact Joe Nugara Sr., Executive Vice President of Village Profile®, at 800-600-0134, ext. 220, or email at

About Universal Business Listing

Universal Business Listing, based in Charlotte, NC, is a service of Name Dynamics Inc ( UBL provides the most effective way for SEO providers, advertising agencies and interactive marketers to help their customers distribute their business details across search engines, online Yellow Pages directories, 411 directory assistance, social networks and mobile devices. The company also offers reputation monitoring tools and a variety of premium submission services. For more information, visit



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Adgregate Markets and Bring Hyperlocal Commerce to the SMB Market

16. May 2010

Adgregate Markets, the leading transactional advertising company, has announced a partnership with ("UBL"). The partnership enables UBL to offer distributed commerce capabilities to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) using Adgregate's ShopAds™ technology.

San Francisco, CA and Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) September 9, 2009 -- Adgregate Markets (, the leading transactional advertising company, has announced a partnership with ("UBL"). The partnership enables UBL to offer distributed commerce capabilities to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) using Adgregate's ShopAds™ technology.

UBL currently provides SMBs with search engine optimization and online identity management services by managing the profiles of its clients in major search engines and online directories. By partnering with Adgregate, UBL can now expand its product offering by enabling online distributed commerce and affiliate marketing management for its SMB clients. "Local businesses tend to underestimate the value of online marketing and ecommerce because of its cost and complexity," said UBL President, Chris Travers.

"UBL and Adgregate are changing that mindset altogether with Adgregate's turnkey, simple-to-use ShopAds platform. We're closing the technology gap between small and large businesses." Adgregate's Cloud Commerce™ platform and ShopAds technology are a comprehensive on-demand solution for companies of all sizes, and include online transactional display advertising, affiliate marketing management, and end-to-end media buying and selling. Cloud Commerce is a set of web services that enables companies to embed ecommerce technology in virtually any website or application. It provides a scalable platform that greatly simplifies ecommerce implementation amid rapidly shifting business needs. With Adgregate, UBL now has a complete solution that helps businesses list and manage their online presence from a simple company profile all the way to hyperlocal ecommerce. Adgregate and UBL reduce the cost and development time normally associated with creating an emerging online business to just minutes. "Partnering with UBL allows us to offer our technology to an important market segment that otherwise is difficult to reach," said Henry Wong, CEO, Adgregate. "Through our partner, UBL, SMBs now have access to powerful tools for increasing sales through ecommerce."

UBL will be distributing Adgregate ecommerce products directly to SMBs and through UBL's extensive list of distribution partners, including telecommunications companies, banks, and other SMB service providers. Adgregate ecommerce products, including ShopAds, will continue to be available through Google's DoubleClick, EyeWonder, Linkstorm, and other leading rich media advertising companies.

About UniversalBusinessListing.Org is a Directory Industry service that allows businesses to post their business listing once and have it posted to all major Online Yellow Pages, Search Engines, 411 Directories and other vertical industry Directories. The Universal Business Listings are a service of Name Dynamics, LLC with offices in New York City and Charlotte, NC. It was founded by Media and Telecommunications veterans, Doyal Bryant and Chris Travers. For additional information, please visit UniversalBusinessListing.Org (

About Adgregate Markets Inc Adgregate Markets is pioneering the world's first fully transactional performance ad network, one that brings a frictionless shopping experience to consumers. ShopAds™ guide prospective customers from the point of discovery to the point of purchase entirely within the innovative ad. ShopAds are easily distributed through ad networks, blogs, and social networking communities simply by copying and pasting the widget code into any web environment. Adgregate enables distributed commerce by helping advertisers easily turn banner ads into ShopAds. Publishers can leverage Adgregate to enhance their advertising offering or become an affiliate by simply grabbing transactional ShopAds to publish on their sites. Adgregate is a privately-held company based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is venture-backed by leading investors. For additional information, please visit ( Media Contacts: Adgregate Markets: Jessie Morgan (408) 838-0143 

Release Date: 2009-09-09 


UniversalBusinessListing.Org Announces Data Control Launch Program for Yellow Pages Certified Marketing Representatives

15. May 2010

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 31, 2007 -- UniversalBusinessListing.Org announced today a launch offering through January 15 that allows Yellow Pages Certified Marketing Representatives a one-time chance to establish single-point data control over their clients' directory business listings.

UniversalBusinessListing.Org is a Directory industry initiative which enables businesses or their representatives to inexpensively enter listing data in one place and for that data to be distributed uniformly to all major Online Yellow Pages, Search Engines, Industry Directories and 411 Directory Assistance.

"We recognize the leading position in the industry held by CMRs with large multi-location companies, and know the complexity and concerns surrounding duplication of Directory records, with many also being incomplete and outdated," said UniversalBusinessListing.Org co-founder Doyal Bryant.

This offer will discount the price for entry of bulk uploads to the system from $18 (60% of the standard $30 fee) to $12 per record.

More importantly the launch program will also offer companies and the CMRs the ability to block any further entries using the specific Company's name if they so choose. Subsequently, any entity attempting to make an entry for that Company will be redirected to the CMR or the corporation involved.

CMRs can sign up for the service at www.UniversalBusinessListing.Org or at

CMR Gateway founder Taylor Treese commented: "Services like UniversalBusinessListing.Org and CMR Gateway are offering much-needed simplifying solutions. By centralizing business listings you will ensure greater accuracy with less effort. The UBL is another important tool that's easily accessible via the CMR Gateway."

UniversalBusinessListing.Org co-founder Chris Travers added: "The objective is to offer a business control and confidence over their directory listings, and to enable CMRs to reinforce their value in the process."

"The system otherwise works on a first-come-first-entered basis for verified businesses that elect to list. Therefore, over time, the ability to implement this control universally will be diminished as branches, divisions and franchisees submit their own listings in their geographic locations," he said.

"CMRs can protect their clients, while providing them this service. They can make sure that these listings are the default listings the way their clients want to be seen."

UniversalBusinessListing.Org has designed special bulk uploaders for CMR use to make the process fast and effective.

Editor's Note: Businesses going to the UniversalBusinessListing.Org direct pay $30 for the service for the first year, and $15 for renewals each year. Affiliates referring businesses to UBL receive 40% of all the fees. Designated "Super Affiliates" who bulk upload listings to UniversalBusinessListing.Org, such as in the case of CMRs outside of the launch program offer, will be invoiced the Net Rate of 60% or $18 for each listing.

UniversalBusinessListing.Org is an industry group initiated and organized by Name Dynamics, LLC with offices in New York, NY and Charlotte, NC. Media inquiries can be directed to Doyal Bryant and Chris Travers. Contact: contact(at) Phone: 646-289-3753

The CMR Gateway is a centralized, uniformly formatted "Gateway" through which the national advertiser channel can search, manage and purchase Print Yellow Pages, Internet Yellow Pages, Ad Supported DA and Mobile Directories across the U.S. and Canada. 

Release Date: 2007-10-31 

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