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Google Maps for Android Going 3D!

8. December 2010


Google wants people to really use their maps. So much so, that their latest iteration of the Android Maps app (5.0) will offer 3D renderings of their maps at street level. Initially this will be in place for 100 cities around the world but the direction Google is heading is creating even more attention for local business on the Internet.

Here’s a look at the new map renderings

Of course, by making maps more attractive there is an obvious follow on that cannot be ignored by businesses of all sizes: the importance of Google Place Pages.

It goes without saying that if you are looking at a map you are usually considering some kind of destination. It may or may not be a business but along the way there will be businesses that are passed (especially in city environments) and if people are anything like I am they get curious and want to know more.

With today’s technology checking out a store doesn’t even require that someone enter a store. You can be standing outside and do your ‘research’ on Google Maps and see how the business fares on its Place Page. Imagine not having to enter every single store to see just what it does or does not offer. There can be considerable time and money saved and as smartphones become even more ubiquitous this kind of “checking out” a store will be just as important “checking in” to a place. Of course, it may not be as cool but with the integration of Hotpot in Google now even research can have a social side.

So the bottom line for businesses is to have their online data locked down, accurate and optimized across the Internet. That’s what we do for companies here at Universal Business Listings. Our job is to make sure our clients are represented with clear, concise and up-to-date data across the Internet.

So as Google ratchets up its efforts to become the premiere local business information source for those interested in learning more about where they can eat, shop, play and more, local businesses are going to need to take this marketing avenue seriously. Hey, it’s happening whether they are involved or not so there is literally no reason to not jump in and take control of your online presence.

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