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Google’s Boost Available for Certain Categories Throughout US

28. January 2011

Oftentimes, SMB’s simply want to have the mystery taken out of Internet marketing. What usually happens, though, is that they get more confusion than relief when talking to a service provider who is well intentioned (meaning they want to help) but they talk a language that puts up a barrier between them and the SMB.

Doing paid search for the SMB set is one area (along with SEO) that can create more questions than answers for even the most seasoned businessperson. The true frustration occurs when a very smart person (the businessperson) is confronted with something they are ignorant of (i.e. The ins and outs of paid search campaign with Google).  The friction that is created can lead to bad client / provider relationships and general dissatisfaction. In other words, no one wins.

Enter Google Boost. This program will require another kind of trust from the businessperson because it is essentially telling Google to generate and place ads for you. This brief description of the service comes from the Google LatLong blog from October of 2010.

To create your ad, all that is required is a short business description, a web or Place page, your business categories and a monthly budget. From there, our system automatically sets up your ad campaign - figuring out the relevant keywords that will trigger your ad to appear on Google and Google Maps, and how to get the most out of the budget you allotted. You’ll only pay when a potential customer actually clicks on your ad, and you can also view basic ad performance data from your Google Places dashboard.

This is pretty cool if you feel you can trust Google to do the right thing (which is in their best interest as well so you will stick around as an advertiser). The program goes nationwide today after being in beta forms for about 16 months or so. It will not be available across all business categories but no word yet on specific category exclusions.

So how does this relate to Internet data? Well, it’s pretty simple. If you do not have a verified Google Place Page listing then you can’t take part in the Boost program. As we have said on many, many occasions it comes down to a matter of doing first things first on the Internet. The most fundamental activity that any SMB can do is get their data correct across the Internet and Google Places is the best place to start.

If you are really interested in having online success, then Google Places is just one piece of a much larger data puzzle that needs to be controlled by the SMB. So we don’t run the risk of creating confusion like was mentioned earlier in this post we at Universal Business Listing have created a way for the SMB or an agency on a business’ behalf to get this data puzzle right across the Internet.

All of the benefits of local online marketing are predicated on good basic business information. Accurate and consistent data across the major data collection points is critical. Call us today to learn how we can help you really impact your bottom line through effective and efficient Internet marketing that is done from the ground up.

List once. Be found

P.S. - A thank you goes to Mike Blumenthal for his post today that alerted us to the rollout of Boost to a larger audience. Thanks, Mike!