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Managing Directory Listings Can Create Trouble

28. February 2011

During an interview with local Internet marketing pro Mike Blumenthal, he said something that surprised me. The more I talk with Mike the more I get surprised but that has always been a good thing and this was no exception!

What he said was that SMB’s should only update and maintain as many directory listings that they can handle. In other words, SMB’s reach a point where they can fill out as many free listings as they want but the law of diminishing returns kicks in rather quickly. Diminishing returns? How is that possible with directory listings?

Well, it’s actually easier than you think. SMB’s often change names or use a variety of name variations in their regular business existence. While this may work in the offline world it’s very troublesome in the online world.

If data warehouses got information regarding a company from a year ago and in the meantime that business has ‘changed’ how they refer to themselves in the marketplace (which is very common actually) you now have an online recipe for disaster. It is compounded by the fact that the likelihood of an SMB maintaining hundreds of logins and passwords for sites and having a clean record of all the directories they are in is, well, not great.

This great idea of going out and doing all of this great work to make sure that the company is listed everywhere could end up backfiring in a big way. Any changes that do not get recorded in every single directory that a business is listed in could end up creating an online concern.

That’s why Universal Business Listings exists. Our goal is to help businesses do things that they simply cannot do on their own. And it doesn’t break the bank either! We make sure that business data stays consistent across a significant section of the most important Internet directories and services there are online. The result is better positions in search results and more direct web site traffic and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that something that is that important is under control.

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