UBL Acquires Local Incite – Adds Chicago Presence

12. June 2013

Universal Business Listing to expand offerings to companies looking for improved Local Search visibility and insights

Charlotte, NC (June 11, 2013) – Universal Business Listing, a service of UBL Interactive, Inc., today announced the acquisition of the assets of Local Incite, the Chicago-based Local Search marketing group.

Local Incite was a service of Incite Interactive Media, Inc, and specialized in services that help multi-location companies and franchises improve their branch office or store presence in search engines, local directories, mapping and social-mobile discovery.

As part of the agreement, Local Incite founder Tom Stevens, will join UBL’s executive team as Vice President of National Accounts, and head the Chicago office.

“Tom Stevens and Local Incite have shown there is a great demand by companies nation-wide to improve their presence in Local Search and to have more insights into their performance in this important area,” said CEO Doyal Bryant. “UBL expects to expand its service offerings as a result of this acquisition and Tom’s vast experience.”

Tom Stevens added: “UBL offers an improved scale and set of capabilities for these multi-location companies as they realize customer traffic is being driven increasingly by online, mobile and social search.”

“The Chicago office will also provide a strong base for UBL in a vital market for Enterprise and Agency accounts,” said UBL President Chris Travers. “It is a good addition to our New York and Bay Area offices as we look to be closer to our customers.”

The newly-updated Local Incite website will become part of UBL. Visit www.LocalIncite.com .

About UBL Interactive and Universal Business Listing

UBL Interactive, Inc. (UBLI) is based in Charlotte, NC, and operates Universal Business Listing at www.UBL.org. UBL provides business identity management tools for businesses large and small, SEO providers, advertising agencies and interactive marketers to help their customers distribute their business details as a trusted source across search engines, online Yellow Pages directories, 411 directory assistance, social networks and mobile devices. The company also offers reputation monitoring tools and a variety of premium Local SEO optimization services.

Forward-Looking Statements

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