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UBL Releases Major Update to its Webcard - Mobile Optimized

24. September 2011



“Yesterday Google announced  that if you don’t have a mobile-optimized landing page for your mobile AdWords campaigns your ad quality score will suffer” says Local Search guru Greg Sterling (http://www.screenwerk.com/2011/09/22/holiday-2011-tis-the-seaon-for-deals-mobile/)

But there’s no need for alarm.

Also yesterday, UBL launched a major update it its webcard landingpage, giving ALL businesses a mobile optimized webpage that they can use in connection with any of their online ad campaigns.

Moreover the new webcards are highly SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, meaning they rank more highly in search engines’ search results, helping businesses attract more organic traffic (free, as opposed to paid search marketing) to their business.

The major update includes more than 50 distinct improvements over the previous version, including:

·         Revised visual presentation or optimized viewing by people use ‘full-featured’ browser on their desktop and laptop computers

·         Optimized visual presentation and layout for mobile devices, when viewed on smartphones like Apple’s iPhone, Android phones and Windows Phones

·         Multiple SEO features to help your page rank more highly on major search engines, including:

o   SEO friendly information architecture (allowing search crawlers to correctly and more effectively index the webcards with relevant keywords),

o   Microformats [http://microformats.org/](to allow search engines to put meaning behind the information, for example understanding what is the business name, address, phone number, etc)

o   Comprehensive use of keyword-rich in-page HTML elements

·         Inclusion of QR Code (2D Barcode) which can be set to link direct to your main or any other website you choose

·         Inclusion of multiple links to drive traffic back to your main website

You get your free webcard when you buy any of UBL’s local listing services, you can check out the services right here https://www.ubl.org/Compare.aspx?newlisting=true