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UBL User Conference A Winner!

28. January 2011


As a writer for the UBL team I don’t get a chance to interact regularly with anyone on the team other than through e-mails and the occasional phone call. In this day and age of live anywhere, work anywhere I can do this work from, well, just about anywhere.

Well, this week I had the chance to come to UBL’s hometown of Charlotte, NC for the first ever UBL User Conference. Honestly, I didn’t have any idea what to expect especially since this was a first time effort from a rapidly growing organization. And of course, if you are reading this you must be thinking “He wouldn’t say anything bad on their own blog, would he?” and that’s a very astute question. I would have been more diplomatic and simply not written about it at all if it turned out bad!

But I am writing about because it was an excellent event. UBL did a real nice job of showcasing partners like Knowem, Location Monitor and Telnic then mixing in some Internet Marketing heavyweight presenters like Mike Blumenthal. Attendees included Sebestian Provencher of Needium, Ralph Paglia (the king of the auto industry Internet vertical as far as I can tell) and many more. The full day of presentations was informative and done in a way that I never looked at my watch once. I will tell you that considering how I usually am at conferences this was a major accomplishment.

The team from UBL was fantastic from co-founders Doyal Bryant and Chris Travers through the entire organization (that, honestly, is much bigger than even I realized).

I am already wondering what they plan to do to top this in the second annual event. The bar was set quite high and I would recommend to anyone to make room on their calendar to check out this event if at all possible.

So how can you attend? It’s an invitation only event so my recommendation would be to start getting to know the folks at UBL well. The ever expanding and evolving product set is a great way for agencies and large multi-location businesses to get control of their data on the Internet. Now, more than ever, this seemingly basic need carries the utmost importance for online success. Sometimes it’s the most basic things that have the most impact.

Keeping data clean across the Internet is how UBL can carry out its mission of List Once. Be Found. After this conference I am convinced that they are on their way to lead the charge to get this critical business concern under control for anyone who is really interested in maximizing their online opportunity.

If you have questions about UBL services be sure to contact their offices in Charlotte. The team is ready to help in any way they can.





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