What’s Behind Our Yext Strategic Partnership?

26. March 2012

Those who follow our service will have read about our strategic partnership to offer the Yext PowerListings platform as part of a premium offering called UBL Express. Since many previously looked at the two companies as competitors, there are questions about what this means.

Firstly, UBL remains firmly committed to maintaining its position as the most effective one-stop shop for universal distribution of business profiles. So even in the product that includes the Yext PowerListings platform, we are including UBL features that we consider essential for effective profile management and which are not yet part of the Yext service. These include the claiming of listings in Google Places and what we call our Universal Syndication, which includes distribution to key data aggregators such as InfoGroup. 

Yext PowerListings deliver such capabilities as real-time insertion and updates into 35 search sites, analytics on activity there, and an easily updated promotional tag. The additional features in our UBL Express package ensure that listings are controlled on Google Places – which is the dominant search engine even in local – and that they reach distribution over time to almost all search engines, yellow page directories, mobile sites and GPS navigation devices, totaling hundreds of citations.

UBL’s main objective is universal distribution of listings, but UBL also intends to grow as a central hub for different methods of distribution, such as claimed listings, video syndication, content creation and real-time updates of specific dynamic data fields or whole profiles. Users will increasingly have to ask themselves what their objectives are, in order to determine what method to use and what price to pay. 

The new UBL Express service is going to be ideal for businesses seeking real-time updating capability, frequent monitoring of activity, and the “advertising” value of an updatable tag or promotion. We know others will be looking primarily for the broadest syndication of their listings, or for what is now termed Local Search Optimization (where video, content and breadth are key). UBL intends to present the best selection to its customers, and there are many more exciting tools and methods on the way.

Below: Yext and UBL CEOs at the Yext Headquarters in New York. See also Greg Sterling's coverage at http://www.screenwerk.com/2012/03/26/ubl-adds-yext-powerlistings-distribution-to-ubl-express/

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