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UniversalBusinessListing.org Adds New Verification Process to Improve Business Credibility in Search Results

12. October 2010


UniversalBusinessListing.org Adds New Verification Process to Improve Business Credibility in Search Results


Bank-equivalent validation aims to improve online visibility of legitimate businesses and home-based services


CHARLOTTE, NC (Oct. 12, 2010) UniversalBusinessListing.org, provider of business identity management and search engine submission services, announced a new verification process for its business listings to increase visibility and credibility of home-based businesses which are often excluded from listings in directories, social networks and search engines. It is expected to improve publisher confidence in valid business profiles over the growing numbers of fraudulent listings.

“Many legitimate businesses are not being found in traditional online directories, because the very definition of what is a legal business has not caught up with technologies, like mobile phones and the Internet, that help a small service or home-based business operate,” said Doyal Bryant, CEO, Name Dynamics, UBL’s parent company. “Many of these ‘micro businesses,’ which often work out of the owner’s house, perhaps as a second business, are real, licensed businesses that want to participate in the online local and hyperlocal marketplace, where consumers can find them.”

Complicating the visibility challenge for micro businesses is the increasing number of fraudulent listings afflicting the search industry. This is particularly troubling for categories such as locksmiths, towing companies and other emergency services, which are experiencing a high number of fake listings created by disreputable marketing companies for lead generation and identity theft purposes.

“Pop-A-Lock and ALOA, the Associated Locksmiths of America, have been very involved in taking all actions possible to make sure that customers are properly educated and get the very best service available,” said Don Marks, CEO, Pop-A-Lock. “UBL’s verification process is a much-needed solution in this current environment where dishonest companies are taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers.” 

The UBL verification process includes the largest database available of home-based businesses. Publishers will be assured that these verified businesses are active at their location. UBL already validates all businesses against credit card information and through its partnerships with the databases which feed business listings to the search platforms. The additional verification will check a business identity against the highest level of public and private databases, government filings, and if necessary, direct contact with the business to gather proof of identity. Pilot tests of the most difficult business categories show that over 95 percent of businesses can be verified with the automated methods. See more information at www.UBL.org/Products/Verification.aspx.

UBL verification also includes a check against closed businesses which are often used as fronts for redirection of calls and Web traffic.

Each business listing will be submitted to the search platforms with an indicator of the level of verification confirmed. A “Verified Business” symbol will be made available to businesses and directory publishers to indicate to consumers which businesses have been verified.


About UniversalBusinessListing.org
UniversalBusinessListing.org is a service of Name Dynamics Inc (BBTC.pk). UBL offers search engine and directory submission services, reputation monitoring tools and a variety of premium submission services for improved online visibility and identity management. For more information, visit
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